10 Tips on How to Plan your DIY Itinerary on a Budget (like a pro)

1. Create a list of the places you want to visit. Be as detailed as possible.

  • Name of Place
  • Address
  • Cost (Admission fee)
  • Directions on How to go
  • Operating Hours
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2. Check for strategically placed budget hotels, hostels and/or guesthouses. Your chosen one will be your starting point. Best place would be a walking distance to a train station (or any mode of transportation). I always book hotels from Agoda.

3. Print a map and/or check the map. Plot the places  you want to visit and plan on how you will navigate through the places. It is easier to decide which is the next place to visit when you consider the distance and time of travel. You may also refer to Rome2Rio aside from using Google Maps.

4. Study how people there usually travel. Public transportation like train(subway), bus, taxi and/or others. Download navigation apps and/or subway apps if possible.

5. Create your Itinerary based on your decided route. If possible, create Plan A, B, C. Always consider your Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

6. List the costs of each activity that you will be doing. You can estimate at the end of your itinerary your overall budget for the whole trip. Check for good deals from KlookCheck for discount coupons if available. Make sure that your pocket money will last until the end of your trip.

  • Admission fee
  • Transport fee
  • Meal budget (Food)

Click HERE (not the photo below) to get a US$3.2 discount when you sign up.


7. Research and research. Research will help you be more cost and time efficient. If on a tight budget, kindly refrain from going to amusement parks since they are quite expensive.

8. As much as possible, stick to your itinerary since you planned it with your sweat and blood. But still, always be open to better ideas.

9. Enjoy!

10. Optional. Create a summary of your overall itinerary and budget. I usually know how much the whole trip will cost (estimated value) when I make the itinerary. I usually book almost everything in advance using my credit card so that everything is prepared when I arrive there and I will only exchange the foreign money that I need for food and transportation. For me, this is more “tipid” (economical) and time-efficient.
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